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Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

You know your business through and through but knowing what cardboard box to package up your products in is just as important.

Cardboard boxes come in a variety of sizes and strengths, so finding the right one to improve your storage, moving or business needs will save you both time and money later down the line.

Investing in high quality packing boxes that are tailored to your business ensures a smoother process for not only you and your team, but also your valued customers.

For items that need that extra protection, double wall cartons offer an additional corrugated layer to ensure that your items are kept safe. With this extra layer, these strong boxes can withstand stacking and transportation while preventing damage to the product inside – meaning you can maximise all your storage or transit space.

Not quite what you’re looking for?

We take pride in being a cardboard box supplier with a wide range to suit every packaging need your business might have. Life is not uniform and neither are our cardboard boxes. Whatever you are sending, our experts are happy to create and supply you with a custom size cardboard box, making the entire process fast, easy and tailored to you.

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