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01594 826944 For all your packaging needs 2 - 4 Pavilion Business Park Speculation Road,  Cinderford Gloucestershire,  GL14 2YD Custom made  boxes Made to measure cartons to suit your requirements Any Size, Any Quantity. Stock & Supply By ordering in bulk and only  paying for the order as  and when the boxes  are delivered, Moving House If your moving home or  office, We have a wide  range of packages to Accommodate any size home All at affordable prices. Special Offers Check out our  latest offers Amazing discounts on our packaging products, typically boxes due to over runs or redundant stock


Contact Us Main Office: Tel: 01594 826944 Fax: 01594 826637 Email: sales@mardeb.co.uk Martyn walker: Tel: 01594 826944 ext 201 Mobile: 07854 991836 Email: martyn@mardeb.co.uk Phil Walker: Tel: 01594 826944 ext 203 Mobile: 07774 675140 Email: phil@mardeb.co.uk Kate Baldwin: Tel: 01594 826944 ext 202 Mobile:  07446 017902 Email: kate@mardeb.co.uk