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Deciding on the board grade is a very important part of the process and hopefully you will find the following information of assistance when making your choice. We pride ourselves in saving you time, your space, waste worry and of course the most important saving of all is the environment. All board utilized in the manufacture of our cases are part recycled and can be recycled again or totally bio-degradable.

Solid Board.

Solid board is measured in micron thickness, the most commonly used grades are 500,750 & 1000 micron but all interim grades are also available. White or grey available, offering an excellent surface for printing in all methods. When requesting a solid board quote and you are unsure of the grade then call for advice or send a sample, so we can quote like for like.

E Flute.

A fine fluted board, available in different strengths 125, 150 and 200 micron, This is an excellent board for intricate die cuts and smaller boxes, ideal for point of sale and display packaging offering an exceptional printing surface.

B Flute.

B flute board is available in 125, 150, 200 & 300 Kraft, 125, 150 & 200 mottled Kraft and 125, 150 & 200 White. B flute is the most commonly used single wall fluted board. perfect for smaller lightweight products in either a standard 0201 or 0203 design or die cuts. offering a very printable finish.

C Flute.

This is a slightly more robust material than the B flute offering a little more protection at an economical price.

Double Wall.

Double wall uses both B & C flutes to offer excellent protection to your products and has greater stacking strength.

Triple Wall.

A material which will give you all round protection and support, supplied in various fluting combinations to meet all your requirements.

Heavy Duty Board.

This material is available in different fluting combinations, ie: AA, BA, CA etc. Designed to give maximum stacking strength and burst strength properties, ideal for heavy items or items which will not accept stacked weight.

Further information and board samples are available upon request.

Board Grades